Final Burn Legends v1.13

September 1st, 2014, 21:48

Added support for the following games

B-Rap-Boys Special Versions
Fujiyama Buster
Knights Of Valor Superheroes Plus
Shogun Warriors
The Killing Blade Plus

PGM bugfixes

Fixed the graphical bug in The Gladiator Road Of The Sword
Fixed the missing graphics in SVG Spectral Vs Generation
Fixed the dip switches And the Fake Regions so they now save in...
Puzzli 2
puzzli 2 super
The Gladiator Road Of The Sword
SVG Spectral Vs Generation

Data East Core Massive Update

New games now playable

Act Fancer
Boulder Dash
Caveman Ninja
Midnight Resistance (No Rotary Controls)
RoboCop (All Versions)
Side Pocket
Sly spy
The Cliffhanger Ed Randy
Trio The Punch

As well as the above all these games now have full sound

Boogie Wings
Crude Buster
China Town
Dark Seal
Diet Go Go
Funky Jet
Mutant Fighter
Nitro Ball
Robocop 2
Rohga Armour Force
Schmeiser Robo
Super Burger Time
Thunder zone
Tumble Pop
Wizard Fire
Vapour Trail

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