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Emulator Name:

Xboy Advance


XPort :


XBoyAdvance is an Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Color/Super Gameboy emulator.

Last Updated

June 5th 2004



what's new:

- Merged in VisualBoy Advance 1.7.2 sources

- Yes, Hamtaro works now

- Filenames are no longer converted to all lowercase

- Option to sort directories to the top or mixed in with the files

- Fixed bug when selecting multiple buttons in combos

- Customizable delay between screenshots (e.g. show new screenshot every 3 seconds)

- View text files - access via Main Menu -] Utilities or during gameplay from
In-game options -] Game Utilities

- When the user has edited their INI files (which you should NOT do anymore
since everything is editable through the menus) and their save directory is
invalid, they will now be told so when XBoyAdvance starts.

- Hardware filters (point filtering, bi/tri linear, etc) are now re-initalized
before each game starts. The filter was possibly being overridden and never
enforced after the first time a game is played.

- Returning to favorites list maintains current position in list

- Separated "General Settings" into two pages

- Can now have hi-res modes (e.g. 1080i) initialized at startup

You can overwrite the entire XBoyAdvance tree with this new package, but when you start
it up for the first time, the skin will probably look/behave screwy. Just go to
Configuration -] Video/Skin Configuration -] Select Skin and reselect the
default_xboyadvance directory. Then exit back to the main menu (important to exit to
main menu first) and then restart the emulator.

Text File Viewer

DPAD Up - Up one line
DPAD Down - Down one line
DPad Left - Up one page
DPAD Right - Down one page
R Trigger - Scroll down
L Trigger - Scroll up
A - Start search
X - Continue last search
White - Top of file
Black - End of file
Y - Simulate fixed-width font
Back - Decrease width of simulated fixed-width font
Start - Increase width of simulated fixed-width font
B - Exit


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