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Information OTalk about a success story. Nintendo's jump into the console market was a gamble which made a simple toy company into one of the biggest Videogame console manufacturers in the biz. Nintendo began it's gaming history producing arcade hits like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros, and selling rights to the games for home console use (See Colecovision). Eventually Nintendo decided to take a crack at the home console industry. The Nintendo Famicom (FAMIly COMputer) videogame system was released in Japan in 1984. The consoles great specs combined with ports on Nintendo's popular arcade titles quickly made it a popular favorite in Japan selling 2.5 million systems in that same year. With success achieved in Japan, Nintendo set it's eyes on the American gaming market. They began negotiations with the American videogame console industry leader Atari to bring the Famicom to the U.S.

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The Rom pack for the NES contains over 117 Games Demos and applications for the Nes( they are all freeware/Public Domain.

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