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Emulator for Xbox Pages

Emulator Name:


Author Coding by Ebsy and HK$, Support files by BritneysPAIRS


Mamedox is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) system to the XBOX.

Last Updated

2005 March



Mamedox v1.0 (Coding by Ebsy and HK$, Support files by BritneysPAIRS.)

Interface improvements/modifications

* Added Back button to cycle through sort methods (by name, by manufacturer, by genre etc.) The sort mode is displayed at the top of the screen.
* Fixed Screenshots aspect ratio in display modes.
* Clones use screenshot from parent rom.
* Favourite roms are displayed as a different colour (gold).
* 'Show Favourites' filter now replaces 'filter disliked'.
* Renamed some text in UI for accuracy.

New Drivers

* MAME 0.92 driver added for Super Trio (suprtrio)

Extra Options

* Soften and Flicker Filter are now configurable.
* Ability to select whether clones use their own screenshot, or the screenshot from its parent rom.
* "Force VMM" is set to 'off' by default, this is to enable the use of the new updated VM.txt
* Miscellaneous Default options changed to be more user-friendly.

General Changes

* Changed save game location (was 4d414d45 now 4d414d46.)
* Changed save game icon.
* Debug.log logging removed.
* default skin updated to reflect UI changes.

Support Files

* cheat.dat, hiscore.dat and new catver.ini added
* samples and artwork added.
* New optimised VM.txt.
* New rom configs added to fix remapped keys.
* updated DAT's for romcenter and clrmame (DAT's not 100% tested.)


Is MAMEdOX a hack of Mameox?.
Essentially, yes. It is not a new project. It builds on what Bendermike did in his Bendermameox releases. MAMEdOX is based on "Bendermameox 21.01.05" and includes all his updates.

Can you update the core to 0.93?
This is the biggy. It's not impossible, it's just proven really difficult. As mentioned earier, Yoshi has had a go at updating the core as have a couple of others, but the input system in MAME 0.85 onwards saw a huge update, meaning a rewrite of the input code in mameox. I'm confident we'll eventually see a core update, but when we'll see it is another matter.

Why are there 3 people working on MAMEdOX?.
Myself and HK$ coded all the updates. BritneysPAIRS helped with the support files and skinning. It's a joint effort.

Can you add the new SPI/SEGA drivers? (Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000, Turbo Outrun etc.)
Believe me, I'd love to be able to play the new SPI and SEGA games on the xbox. As you all know, there's been some great improvements with these drivers in recent versions of MAME, but adding them to MAMEdOX is out of my scope as a programmer. Both myself and HK$ have admitted we're not expert programmers. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, I've attempted to add these drivers, but the code updates are too numerous for me to implement. I really hope someone more experienced can look into adding the drivers in future.

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