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Emulator for Xbox Pages

Emulator Name:





Kawa-X is the XBox port of a Windows emulator I made some time ago named
It allows to play titles from the Capcom CPS1, CPS2 and SNK NeoGeo library.
Pretty much all games are supported, even these 90mb monsters that would
normally not fit into the XBox's limited 64mb RAM. (This emu includes a
significant amount of black magic :P) For the more recent encrypted NeoGeo
games, though, only the decrypted form is supported (64Mb of RAM won't allow
to do the decryption). Kawaks (PC version) can produce decrypted sets, if you
only have encrypted versions...
See the included list of supported titles for more info...

There's the following goodies waiting inside :
- CPS1, CPS2, NeoGeo support (doh)
- Plenty of nice eye candy video filters (more about that later)
- Redefinable controls (including handy macros like keys to do 3 punches, etc)
- Can save screenshots
- Savestates (8 slots per game)
- You can play NeoGeo games either in arcade mode or in console mode
- You can switch region (language settings) for every supported CPS2 game.
For example, that means you can play the normally japanese only Mighty Pang
in english if you want...

Last Updated







- Added lowpass filter for sound. Toggle it from the in game menu

- Disabled that Start+Back shortcut to exit games.
Some people were exiting games by accident.
Now if you want to exit a game, you have to use the ingame menu
(right thumb click)

- Applied some XBE version patching on the executable. That may fix issues
some people have had with the emu not starting ?

- Configurable rompath. Just edit rompath.ini

- Kawa-X now stores on the HD what romsets you have or haven't
so now, there is only a scan the first time you launch the emu.
That should fix the problem people have had with the emu
taking ages to boot up. It will only take ages the first time :)
If you want to force a rescan, hit the X button on the game list.

- Fixed some problems with the provided CLRmame and RomCenter dat files
I provide with the emu. Files inside NEOGEO.ZIP were reported with the
wrong names in some places.


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