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GnuBoy is an Gameboy/Gameboy Color emulator.

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August 2 2003




Sorry to burst someone's bubble - but this Gnuboy port has been out for
a couple weeks already...and it accurately emulates pretty much every
single GB/GBC game with full sound. So here's what's new in version
*four* of the first GB/GBC emu for XBox.

What's New:

Save States
All the other UI stuff to bring it in line with the other emus

The GNUBOY.INI file can now be written automatically from inside the emulator.
To configure Gnuboy, press the Left Thumbstick. This will let you select
the font height and the menu text offset.

*This will also let you resize and reposition the game screen to whatever you want*

You can make the gamescreen as big or as small as you like and reposition it anywhere.

When you make your changes, it will rewrite the GNUBOY.INI file (if it was loaded from
the XBox hard drive) If you are running the emulator from a CD/DVD media, you'll
have to construct your own GNUBOY.INI file and write it to the root directory


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