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Emulator Name:

GenaDrive 0.003


Dave of Final Burn fame :)


GenaDrive for Xbox is a Megadrive emulator for the Xbox Console

Last Updated

April 2004




GenaDrive is a Genesis/MegaDrive emulator for the XBox. It actually shares the same source as PicoDrive (just with a few calling conventions and other things tweaked) except it uses A68K instead of Cyclone. It doesn't have sound yet and there are a few things missing, but a lot of games are playable.

A Genesis emu for the Xbox from Dave, heres whats new:
-First beta.
-Most games are playable, currently lacking lots, e.g. no 2-player, no z80, no sound, no raster effects, no woman no cry
-However it does put 320x224 into 720x480 on a line by line basis which imho makes it look nigh on exactly the same as the original Genesis for perfectionist freaks (i.e me) and thus is the Way Forward possibly.


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