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Emulator for Xbox Pages

Emulator Name:





Fba-xxx is a port of the CPS1 & 2 emulator for the pc called Final Burn.It runs at full speed and supports quite a lot of great games.

Last Updated

February 2005



Latest Release news:

FBAXXX Beta 5 (24/02/2005)

What's New?

- Upgraded sources to the new one on PC :
- psykio drivers (tengai and striker 1964 don t work for some odd cpu reason)
- corrected some games drivers (sailormoon)
- corrected autofire again (you can now select fast - slow option)
- neogeo drivers up to date now
- many other news/cleanup

I had to remove some software filters, after all, they were not fast enough.


remove all your old fbaxxx folder. (but don't delete your rom's folder !)

why there are 2 deault.xbe ?

default.xbe is to use normal neogeo roms.
default.xbe (mame dump).xbe is to use mame dump roms.

Both version are exactly same. we recommand to use normal neogeo roms if you don't know what to do.
.DATS will be created when u'll launch fbaxxx for the 1st time.
then use the tutorial to use romcenter and dats files here :

How to play lastest roms ? (kof2003, snk vs capcom, ...) ?

just visit and go in download section.

Are there all moves for all games ?
Most of fighting games are moves in fbaxxx. but some are missing. We need ppl to help us to make all moves.
You'll find tutorial and moves not inclued in the zip (kof2003, snk vs capcom....)
We hope ppl wil help us.

Other problem ?
------------------- and try to find it with "search" function.


What's new in 27/09/2004 release :


- get more fps in games :)
- software filter fully rewritabled (but not advanced mame 2x)
- lowpass filter fully rewritabled
- auto creating DAT files (clrmame and romcanter) if not present in the fbaxxx folder.
- "Take Screenshot" option is now in the "in game menu"
- new great feature : replay. FBAXXX can now record game replay compatible with fba PC (not if recorded with autoboot unibios activated or CPU not at 100%)
- replay can be looped played.
- help screen
- neogeo macro added
- OSD (On Sreen Display) now many infos are directly showed on screen play.
- 7 new softwares graphics filter added (Scanline 75%, Bilinear, Bilinear plus, Eagle, 2xSai, Super2xSai, Super Eagle)
- cheats for neogeo games =)
- overclock is now by %. select between 50% and 200%
- flicker filter added :)
- Gamma correction added


- Stupid Bug with fonts (can't creat more than 1 save)
- CPS1 sound bug
- font size
- Bug with Guwange
- lowpass filter unvailable


license :

You may freely use, modify, and distribute both the FB Alpha source code and binary, however the following restrictions apply to the FB Alpha original material (see below for a list of libraries with differing licenses, please consult their respective documentation for more information):
- You may not sell, lease, rent or otherwise seek to gain monetary profit from FB Alpha;
- You must make public any changes you make to the source code;
- You must include, verbatim, the full text of this license;
- You may not distribute binaries which support games with copyright dates less then three years old;
- You may not distribute FB Alpha with ROM images unless you have the legal right to distribute them.

The FB Alpha website is .

FB Alpha is based on Final Burn ( ), see additional text below.
MC68000 and FM emulation cores by the MAME project ( ).
Z80 emulation core by Dave, modifications by Team FB Alpha ( ).
PNG functionality provided by libpng ( ).
Zip functionality provided by zlib ( ).
Netplay functionality provided by Kaillera ( ).

Some graphics effects provided by the Scale2x and 2xSaI libraries ( , ).

Miscellaneous other components from various sources. Copyright and license information are contained in the relevant parts of the source code.

All material not covered above © 2003 Team FB Alpha.

DISCLAIMER: The authors of FB Alpha don't guarantee its fitness for any purpose, implied or otherwise, and do not except responsibility for any damages whatsoever that might occur when using FB Alpha. FB Alpha DOES NOT INCLUDE any ROM images of emulated games.

The following information and license conditions accompanied the original Final Burn emulator. They also apply to FB Alpha:

Copyright (c)2001 Dave ( ), all rights reserved. This refers to all code except where stated otherwise (e.g. unzip and zlib code).

You can use, modify and redistribute this code freely as long as you don't do so commercially. This copyright notice must remain with the code. If your program uses this code, you must either distribute or link to the source code. If you modify or improve this code, you must distribute the source code improvements.

Dave Homepage:
E-mail: News by loop; posted on 12 Nov 2003




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