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DGen is a Sega Genesis emulator

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August 2 2003




Put roms in \SGENROMS

What's New:
Save states

When loading states, the music can sometimes become a little screwy for a while.
It fixes itself after a bit.

There is some strangeness with establishing an XBOX connection - especially
when going from NAT to NAT. I have a router that can map specific ports to
specific computers in my intranet, but it would not route correctly to my XBOX.
I still don't know why this is, but if you are having the same kind of problems,
then I suggest you download a portmapper, for example:

If you are the server, set up a mapping for port 8989 going from your computer to
your xbox. For example, let's say your XBOX IP address is and
your computer IP address is You would run the portmapper on your
computer and map port 8989 to Be sure your router is routing port
8989 to your computer ( in the above example.)

If you are the client, set up a port mapping on your computer from port 8989 to
the IP address of the XBOX server to which you are trying to connect. Then
when you are entering an IP address in DGEN, enter the IP address of your computer
that is running the port mapper.

Netplay is functional, but there are periodic pauses in gameplay. I'm looking into
improving it, but for now, just make do. You can adjust the lag variable on the
server-side. Increasing the number should decrease the amount of pauses, but it
will make the joypads seem less responsive.


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