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This is an x86 emulator for the XBox. This basically emulates a PC and allows you to install DOS, Linux, Windows, etc onto it. There is also a virtual SB16 card to output SB16 sound (except for MIDI which doesn't work yet.) There is no network support in this version, though - so don't get your hopes up about running a linux server. The linux-xbox project will work much better than any emulation anyway. I ported Bochs primarily to play old DOS games.

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August 2 2003




Explaining how to use the emulator is easiest by example: Let's say you want to play Space Quest 1. You have a file called SQ1.ZIP that contains the game files. Upload this file to your \BOCHS subdirectory on your XBox. Run bochs.xbe and you'll see SQ1.ZIP in the file listing. Highlight it and press the B button to flag it. You can flag as many files as you want. When done selecting files, press the A button to copy them into the HD image and to start the emulation. The files you selected have been copied into the D:\INCOMING directory inside the emulator. Now you can pkunzip the file to a directory, install the game as you normally would under DOS and run it. There is a file called mtoolsrc which specifies which HD image file will receive the files copied from inside bochs.xbe. If you change mtoolsrc, you should make sure that the img file you select has a \INCOMING directory on it or else the copying will fail. Furthermore, do not change mtoolsrc to point to your boot drive img because after lots of copies it can become corrupt. Always have mtoolsrc point to a "scratch" hard disk image. This corruption I speak of relates *only* to hard drive image files (e.g. cdrive.img, ddrive.img) It has *nothing* to do with your XBox hard drive, so don't worry about it. The bochsxbox file is the bochs configuration file. Read the information on the bochs webpage for details on how to change the information in this file. Mostly, you'll probably just want to change the c drive and d drive specification in here.



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